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Delivery & Returns

  1. In the unlikely event that an item has to be returned, please notify us by email. Any returns sent without prior consent may/will delay any refund if applicable and/or incur extra costs.
  2. If you are returning the item under the Right to Cancel, you will be responsible for all postage costs and ensuring the item is returned.
  3. If you are returning the item due to a fault as per the Sale of Goods Act 2002, we will be responsible for all postage costs if a refund is required or the return cost if a replacement is required. We will notify you of the return method to be used and will only pay the costs associated with that method.
  4. In ALL cases, if returning the item, you, the buyer, are responsible for the items safekeeping until such time as it arrives to us. This is including but not limited to storage in your building and carriage during its return to me. In the event that a carrier service is selected and a pick up date agreed and you have NOT made the items available for pickup and a subsequent pickup needs to be arrange, you will become liable to the value of that pickup.
  5. Upon receipt of said items. If the item was returned under the Right to Cancel, we shall check the items. As long as the item is in a saleable condition, we will restock and refund monies as specified in these Terms and Conditions.
  6. If the item was returned due to a fault, we shall check the items. If the fault is agreed, we will either refund monies or supply a replacement. In the event that the fault is not agreed, you will be informed and given the choice.
    1. Have the item returned to you by paying all extra expenses incurred over that already paid. Including postage (if applicable) for return from you and back again.
    2. Have a refund minus ALL costs paid out by us. This includes but is not limited to postage & packing, eBay, Paypal, Bank and any other fees relating to this transaction.
  7. In all cases of refunds, we will endeavour to do so as soon as possible, however, we reserve the right to refund within 30 days under the Distance Selling Regulations 2000.

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