Permaset Supercover Screen Printing Ink 1 Litre - Permaset Supercover Screen Printing Ink 1 Litre

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Permaset Supercover Screen Printing Ink 1 Litre

  • Price: £30.60

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Item Description

Permaset Aqua water based inks are a revolution in fabric & screen printing inks. By using advanced polymer technology combined with the purest pigments Permaset Aqua results in an environmentally friendly easy to use ink that provides long-term durability without compromising its superior soft handle.

Heat fixing: 2-3 Minutes @ 160oC (355oF) - Hand Iron, Cotton Setting 5-6 Minutes @ 140oC (285oF) - Hand Iron, Wool setting 8-9 Minutes @ 120oC (250oF) - Hand Iron, Wash'n'Wear setting

Screen Material: For standard colours, mesh size of 43T (110TPI) monofilament or 10TXX multifilament is suitable. For Metallic, Phosphorescent and Supercover colours, 32T (86TPI) monofilament or 8TXX multifilament is recommended. If stencils are to be used, they must be water resistant.

Permaset Aqua water based inks lend themselves perfectly to screen printing but can be applied directly onto fabric with a brush. They can also be used on: paper, lino, wood, for block printing and on most non-porous surfaces.

This 100% solvent free, environmentally friendly formula provides pigments that are rich in coverage, intense and produce exceptional colour yield. The resilient resin base holds fast during rub, wash or dry clean while having virtually no feel on fabrics. Does not contain ozone harming chemicals, and you do not need solvents to clean the screens afterwards - you can clean them with water.

Permaset offers excellent adhesive properties to many fabrics, including cottons, poly/cottons, polyesters and other synthetics.

Safe to use on baby clothes under 2 years, underwear and swimwear.

Permaset Supercover is recommended for use on dark fabrics

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